Friday, December 18, 2009

So...lately I've been dreaming about the devil. A lot. Almost nightly. And part of me doesn't even want to admit that, because it's embarrassing.

Because, in my dreams, the devil is my boyfriend.

Yeah. So, there's that.


Last night, and pretty much every night, the devil picks me up in this car:

Because that's my favorite car, and I guess, that's just how the devil rolls. In a Dodge Challenger.

The other thing I should mention is that I enjoy his company. I enjoy it way too much, especially since I know who and what he is.

And then, there's the fact that I'm attracted to him, because this is what he looks like. (I blocked his face out, because he's kinda private.)

So, what does one do in the company of Lucifer? Last night we got ice cream. Apparently someone has a real sweet tooth.
I end up asking him, again, why exactly he comes to me in my dreams. Of course, he doesn't really tell me. Apparently my boyfriend is allergic to straight answers.

"You wouldn't believe me. You're convinced that I'm manipulating you in some way. Let's just say that I enjoy your company," he says with an irresistible grin on his face. Which makes me grin back at him, but I do my best to smother it under my hand.

"What should I even call you? Lu? Mephistopheles? Beelzebub?" He ends up laughing at all of these. "What do you want to call me?" I shrug, and let it go. For now.


I'd like to be a note, the kind
You could sing but don't because you're shy
That way I live inside your throat
And hang from every word you...spoke


mysterg said...

That's kind of hot. And weird. Because I dreamt of you last night.

Sally-Sal said...

Color me intrigued. What did you dream?

Hunter said...

The debil is coming to you in your dreams? Girl, you best be careful. ;)

Ed Adams said...

That's awesome!

Your dream devil looks just like me and drives the same car I do.


mysterg said...

I dreamt we had a whole conversation about someone important to you. But it was for my benefit not yours. And you smiled. A lot. A hell of a lot in fact. It made me tingle.

Shaunak said...

Well, you're Devil boyfriend's probably my neighbour. He never goes out during the day and drives a Challenger. And I barely remember his face.
Go figure.

p-huong said...

Lucky. I haven't been able to remember my dreams lately. I only remember waking up in the middle of the night frantically scratching my hand because of stress and nerves acting up. No sexy dreams for me. Just that haunting 40.

ONE of THE GUYS said...

Clever and wicked, just how I like it!

Is that your poem at the bottom of the post?

That's really good.

vampire guts said...

Haha creative dream. Thank you for reading my writing. :) No one really ever reads it unless I tell my offline friends to. I got that you were from OK after posting it and then edited it. :X

vampire guts said...

Your play comment - Yeah it was meant to poke fun at the stereotypes of the military. Everyone who wants to join knows those facts about it, including ptsd, which is like a given. Idk who can watch people die and not be traumatized. I don't like it.

Maryx said...

That's Hot. (Urgh, I sound like Paris Hilton.) But ... funny as hell as well. Pun Intended. =D

And the other dreams??

Skye Blue said...

After reading your post I almost wish the devil came to me in my dreams.

Loved the post.

Danielle said...

I am curious to know what this symbolizes? You look it up?

otherworldlyone said...

Just in case you aren't aware... you were dreaming about my dad.

Cheryl said...

I hate dreams. I already have enough to think about during the day.

..I also really want ice-cream right about now.

Anonymous said...

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Philtron3030 said...

The Devil drives a Dodge Challenger? Always knew he was secretly a douchebag...

Lady * Negrita said...

Devil AND ice cream?! Hot stuff!!! wonder if it melts in his hands...or his mouth! tee hee

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

I'm with you on the new Challenger! The new Camaro's pretty sweet too.

Organic Meatbag said...

I always call the devil up if I need a lift to Walgreens...

pdcole said...
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pdcole said...
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pdcole said...

Here's some unsolicited advice -- it's probably not all that great to consciously think that you are attracted to the real devil, worse to be meshing (messing around) with him as a boyfriend. I know it's a thrill to enjoy the first moments of a new boy/girl friend, but the ultimate break up may be tougher than you originally thought. And I hear he does not break up easy. Perhaps you might consider trying to think of the dreams as a psychological hint that you may always be attracted to the so-called bad boys, and nothing more. Then move on, forget about the dreams, find a non-assuming guy in the real world and just call it a day.

somebody said...