Monday, November 29, 2010

Who got the Hooch?

Who got the hooch, baby
Who got the only sweetest thing in the world
Who got the love, who got the fresh-e-freshy
Who got the only sweetest thing in the world

We spent so many Fridays, Saturdays, and the occasional Monday that just didn't know how to be over in that place.

It was just a little hole in the wall bar outside of Moore, OK. It was the kind of place that was easy to miss, if you'd never been there. It was the kind of bar that was hard to stay away from, once you'd been there a few times.

It was our Cheers, maybe everyone didn't know our names, but they sure as hell knew our faces. We had bonds stronger than blood. We had the bonds made of beer, pool, and cigarette smoke.

Dina would dominate one of the pool tables, playing men for beer (and bragging rights) while I sat in one of the scarred wooden tables, tracing my fingers over the names, the hearts, the stories that these high-backed benches had seen.

It was a Friday, Dina was in her heaven, kicking ass and throwing beers back like water. I was watching her clear the table yet again, when I met Kyle.

I say I met him, but what happened was he sauntered over to my table, sat a beer in front of me, then sauntered back over to his place leaning against the bar.
Dina watched this little interaction, frowning, and when she came over, she said, "He's an asshole. Don't waste your time."

Asshole or not, he didn't try to throw down any of the typical Friday night bullshit. He bought me a beer, and walked away. I was intrigued.

A few beers into the night, he sauntered over to Dina and asked her for a game.

When she looked him up and down, leaning on her pool cue, she asked, "What're we playing for?" Returning her assessing look, he said, "How about a kiss?"

Behind them, watching this byplay, I choked on my beer and started laughing. "I'm not kissing you," Dina said, lips thinning out into a frown. "Who said I wanted to kiss you?" Kyle threw right back. "I meant your friend."

Fuck. That meant me.

Neither one of them consulted me, or looked in my direction. "Fine," Dina said, sure she couldn't lose.

Until she lost.

Determined to just get it over with, and shooting Dina a 'fuck you' with my eyes, her mouthing 'I'm so sorry', I walked over to Kyle.

He looked amused, and when he leaned into me, I could feel my heart pounding so loud, I was sure he heard it. He leaned closer, until we had maybe a gasp between us. One hand on my hip, he said, "I think I'll let that kiss earn interest." And he walked away.

As I watched him walk away, and I was finally able to take a deep breath, I felt something...unsettling. Was I disappointed?

So, every night after that, every night at Sweetwaters, Kyle would saunter over, lean in close, and do nothing.


It got to where I needed that kiss in ways I cannot even describe to you. I thought about that kiss more than I thought about anything else. I thought about him and wished he'd just. fucking. kiss me. already.

It must've been Saturday, yet another kissless Saturday at Sweetwaters. Kyle and Dina were talking shit to each other, I went up to the bar for another round of beers, when a drunk guy grabbed me. No biggie, he was handsy, but I think he was trying harder not to fall over than anything else.

Kyle was a lot of things, but he got pissed anytime men needed more than one 'no' to cease and desist. He ended up shoving the guy off me, before going back to his pool game.

Several more beers, and a trip to the bathroom later, I passed Kyle on my way in, his way out. I stumbled over the carpet, he caught me, and I fell into that kiss.

I fell into it, and he fell into it with me.

He was right, it had earned interest.

Let's get real, let's get heavy
Till the water breaks the levee
Let's get loose, loose, who got the hooch


PM Taylor said...

Absolutely beautiful depiction ... I could feel my heart pounding along with you as you waited for his lips to FINALLY touch yours ... Thanks for sharing ...


otherworldlyone said...

Have I mentioned how happy I am that you're writing again? :) I LOVE it. This was sweet, funny...just loved it.

becca said...

i'm new to your blog but found this very well written

jerrod said...

such the storyteller.

Fuck. That meant me.


Maryx said...


slommler said...

Now that was a great love story!!!
How are the kisses now?
Just wondering?