Tuesday, March 1, 2011

100 Words -- Michael

Miguel McCoy. That wasn’t his real name, just what we called him.

Miguel could fuck up a wet dream.

How he ever made it to tech support, I’ll never know. They had to put at least three desks between him and his co-workers. He didn’t have an inside voice.

The best thing he ever said was to a customer that he was supposed to reassure.

“Yes, ma’am, having a firewall is like having a lock on your door to keep burglars out.”

“But, you know, “he continued on, “if a burglar really wants to get into your house, he will.”

Thanks to Mr. London Street and Bag Lady for the original 100 word post idea.


Fortunes Fool said...

I love this idea. ARe there rules? Just 100 words on anything? I'm interested... and as usual... you are brilliant!

Robbie Grey said...

I've had encounters and experiences with cats like this. Takes me back...like battlefield flashbacks...Brilliant.

Happy Frog and I said...

You had me at 'Miguel could fuck up a wet dream.' Brilliant. Really glad you are creating 100 word posts.

becca said...


Nessa Roo said...

I think I know his brother.

Maryx said...

Well he was right!

=) Brilliant!

Fluid Idleness said...


caterpillar said...

Did he really say that?

Sally-Sal said...

Fortunes Fool: Only that it has to be 100 words. Go for it! :)

Robbie Grey: He was like a magic 8 ball of deluded sayings. I see him around town every once in awhile. And I always run.

Happy Frog: Thanks! It's kind of fun.

becca: Thanks :)

Nessa Roo: Oh dear Lord. Any good stories from that?

Maryx: He said so many ridiculous things, I think I dropped 20 i.q. points just from living in the same town.

Fluid Idleness: Indeed.

caterpillar: Yes. And we were supposed to say the customer's name three times, to show empathy, but Michael said his own name three times instead. It was pretty hilarious, tbh.

otherworldlyone said...

I knew a guy like that when I worked in tech support. He was the only non-stoner out of the bunch. Coincidence?

Good times, good times.

You're pretty awesome at these. Is there anything you can't do? ;)

Sally-Sal said...

Yeah, and most it involves exercise :)

ladytruth said...

How wonderfully reassuring knowing someone like that, like a techie Dr Phil gone bad :)

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