Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Translate me

When you first meet someone, a friend, a lover, an unknown, they have one smile.

The longer you know them, you realize that they have one genuine smile, and other smiles in varying degrees of emotion.

The 'I'm unhappy but hiding it' smile.

The uncertain smile.

The 'I have a secret that you're going to just love' smile.

Loving is about knowing. About translating the expressions until that person has no expression that you can't crack.

You translate them.

Translating is turning the mystery into the tangible. You love them enough that you can read every sigh, every turn of the eyebrow, every look, and you speak their inner language so fluently that nothing is lost on you.

Love. Beauty. Understanding.

It's all there. When it's right, nothing is lost in translation.


JUST ME said...

So true.

Nicely written.

erin said...

I remember seeing Jeremiah for the first time after a 6 year period apart. Looking into his face while he was walking towards me and I felt my whole body light up. I beamed for hours afterwards.

Nicely written Sal.

otherworldlyone said...


Have missed you around here. Now I'm off to get my blackbird song fix. WOOT!

The Mad Hatter said...

Very wonderfully written as well as true.

Danielle said...

And it is the same in every language. Nice post

Philip said...

How annoying is that Gucci spam? However, its crassness only served to highlight the beauty of your post. Thank you. Philip.