Tuesday, February 22, 2011

100 Words--Five Minutes

He brings out the worst in me.

We passed a La Quinta sign, and he grinned. I already knew where this was going. "Hey, Sal, want to get a room?"

I looked out the window, and just let my mouth do its own thing. "I don't think they rent rooms in five minute intervals."

I felt him tighten up, and I didn't have to look to know that his lips were thinned down to invisibility.

"Are you mad because it's funny, or mad because it's true?" I asked, stifling laughter, knowing better than to make eye contact.

"Both," he said.


Travis said...

"I looked out the window, and just let my mouth do its own thing." That is the story of my life. Only with me, the sentence immediately after is usually my defense about WHY it only lasts five minutes.

Robbie Grey said...

I chuckled...

Baglady said...

It's so hard to get a whole story done in 100 words without it feeling squashed. This is perfect. Beginning, middle and end with a sting in the tail.

Trish said...

Loved this.

light208 said...

I laughed. I saved your post until last and I'm glad I did. An excellent crafting of 100 words.

Shopgirl said...

Personalities really pop under your pen. Like an artist, even a quick sketch like this tell us so much about the subject.

And it made me laugh!

Des said...

That was brilliant :)!

otherworldlyone said...

SHAZAM! Got his ass. :)

Sally-Sal said...

I would never say that to any other man. I think it's my job (and pleasure) to take him down a peg or three.

Robbie Grey:
He did, too. After he got tired of wearing his bitchface.

I admit, it was hard writing just 100 words. You and MLS both have an exceptional talent in these kinds of posts. I just wanted to try it on, just once.

Thank you!

Thanks! It's always easy scoring points off him :)

I'm glad you liked it. Those 100 word posts are hard. :)


Damn straight.

Mr London Street said...

Of all the 100 Word blog posts I've read across the blogosphere, I think this may well be my favourite. It takes real skill to tell so much of a story in so few words without telling everything.

Maryx said...

I totally agree with Mr London Street. Brilliant and I think you just might have made my day! =)

Sally-Sal said...

Mr. London Street:
100 words are hard. I almost didn't let this one go, but I'm glad you liked it.

I'm glad! I like what you've been doing on your blog lately. Those kind of questions always make me think.

And also, thank you. You've been reading and commenting for a long time, and you are always so kind with your feedback.

The Mad Fat Girl said...

That is just superb. Nice sting!

ladytruth said...

Oh snap! (This is me flicking my fingers all over the place like a pretty sassy girl from Queens). Some men need to be put in their place in the proper way, I say ;)