Thursday, October 29, 2009

Life is Precious

One of the things that has always fascinated me, inspired me, and exhilarated me is the will of the human spirit. After watching that, I was moved to tears.

And I thought about how beautiful, how exceptional that woman is. To not just survive all of that, but to be so truly beautiful, so eloquent (even in her bare literacy), and to have such an appreciation of life. It's humbling.

People who have so little, are often those who are the most willing to share what they have, ever noticed that? They're the first to share what they have, what they know, their help, their hearts.

Why do some people only overcome the hurdles set in front of them, while the same events in the life of someone else will bring them low, never to find the light again?

Why can pain refine some, bring out their diamond brilliance, and reach into the bedrock of their very being to create a being of almost unbearable beauty, while in someone else, it only turns into bitterness?

We have everything we could ever want these days. Technology, the best of everything, everything at our fingertips, but sometimes I think it poisons our way of thinking.
We're all so connected, but we've never been so alone.

There's not a sense of true community, like in earlier generations.

Maybe it's not community that's missing. Maybe it's the sense of family, of love, of compassion that is slowly leaking out of the world we know.

Sometimes it's just easier to put your headphones on, and listen to what's going on in your own life.


The Peach Tart said...

I can't wait to see this movie

Sally-Sal said...

Me either! I've watched the trailer so many times... It's going to be amazing.

One Sassy Girl said...

Ooh... well said. I'm a headphone wearer, for shiz. But not because I don't care - because there are so many weirdos out there who want to talk to you about nothing. Is that wrong?


I try to say hello to my neighbors and know what's happening in my community. but I agree, it's all on the surface, no deep connection any more.

Ed Adams said...

The teacher is hot. Who's that actress?

From the O-Zone said...

It seems that family no longer matters as much as it used to. These days, everyone is looking for a tribe to be part of. One that accepts them for who they are. But that's what family used to be.

Something's broken.

Secret Agent K said...

Love your blog, always makes me think. I cannot wait to see this movie, the preview even makes me wanna cry. Well done =)

CINDER said...

I saw a clip of this last night for the first time and I was very moved! It looks like a must see
I agree with the poison of todays society- It is just out of control! Too much stimulation and instant gratification- Some days I want to run away from it all!

Shaunak said...

Maybe it's the sense of personal gratification, or maybe ego that keeps us from connecting with other people...A sense of superiority or even inferiority for that matter.

Why can't people simply treat each
other as equal human beings rather than classify their own selves into cliched and highly overrated groups or strata of society?

The courage or strength comes from within only when your self esteem allows you to. It's all in the mind. And most people simply give in to the pain.

It really is sad.

مى said...

I wanna see this movie!

GREAT blog btw.

mysterg said...

@Genuine compassion is a rare thing these days but can still be found in the most suprising of places. Although it's not suprising to find it here.

reinventingsandyb said...

You know, I'm a firm believer that underneath it all, most people are fundamentally good. But I've learned that pain can be a very powerful thing. When people shit on your parade, put you down, discourage you from following your dreams or go out of their way to offend you, it's pain that drives them. Pure, unadulterated sadness.

If we all reached out and tried to understand that other people hurt too - sometimes even more than we think we do ourselves - how much more much compassionate could we be?

Wonderful post girl. And perfect timing.

Tennyson ee Hemingway said...

this post is the truest thing I've read today.

Rita said...

Hi Sal! Thanks for posting this.

The Savage said...

I'm on a slow dial up speed connection so I can't see the vid. But at any rate people are lonely because technology allows us to meet so many people but never really get to know them. Even the dating scene has gone cyber.
So few people get out anymore.
The diner used to be a place to meet everyone over coffee. You could jump into any conversation. Starbucks has a cozy atmosphere but then people stay in their small little groups and never mingle.
I could go on but it's kinda depressing and I don't liek depressing so I'll leave with a ...
You're pretty!

My name is PJ. said...

I look forward to this movie.

All of our hi-tech connectedness has taken the 'human' out of humanity, hasn't it?

Hi! I'm PJ,host of the Amazon giveaway. You're one of my new followers and I like to meet and greet those I haven't met and gret yet! :) Welcome!

I'm following along on your blog now too!

Alex said...


The Dark Tower said...

I concur Sally...Its a scary world...But there always those who wish to break the human spirit. They are everywhere and they are nowhere.

I often look back at certain events in my life and wonder if I could have fought harder. Truth is you can't trust people, that why I don't count on people. I trust myself, and my cats but not much else.

It may seem like I've been broken, but I've only lost my naivety.

Yemanja said...

Hey Sal, just wanted to drop a line and say hello! I love your new blog.. Really Cool! Miss you Sal.. :-)

Anna, The Lemon Lady said...

Clicked on over from random blogs, but maybe Blase'? Had a tough day, and have found some cheering in others blogs.

I'll have to see this movie. It so parallels many of us, even if not to that extreme, at least internally. Acceptance and sincerity are difficult to find these days.

Mae December said...

Hello Dollface. :)

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